SAF in 2023


Welcome to 2024 and we are beginning the year by taking a look back at the big developments and news from 2023 with the SAF Investor team: Al Whyte, Oscar Henderson and Fayaz Hussain.

We discuss our favourite news items from the past year like United Airline’s appointment of Oscar the Grouch as Chief Trash Officer, the policy announcement from Europe with ReFuelEU and the transatlantic flights by Virgin Atlantic and Gulfstream. We also look back at some of our disappointments form the last year and highlight that although there is so much positive news coming out of the industry, there have been some very big challenges and the mountain the industry is trying to climb looms ever larger.

We talk about  the regions and pathways  to watch for 2024, our favourite offtake agreements from the past year and what we are looking forward to in 2024…the answer may or may not surprise people.

We also reference some of the fantastic conversations we have had in the last year. If you are working in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel industry and would like to be on an upcoming episode of the podcast in 2024, email us at [email protected].

SAF investor’s conference is going to be running in London on the 27-28 February and if you would like to find out some more about the conference you can do so here:

Hosts: Al Whyte, Oscar Henderson & Fayaz Hussain
Producer: Oscar Henderson