NetJets to purchase 100m gallons of SAF in next 10 years


NetJets announced a significant investment in WasteFuel, a next generation waste to fuel company that aims to transform landfill waste into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). NetJets has committed to purchasing a minimum of 100m gallons of WasteFuel’s SAF over the next 10 years.

NetJets and WasteFuel, in partnership with developer Prime Infra, are in the early phases of developing a plant in Manila, Philippines. It is set to be operational in 2025. The fuel is anticipated to be imported into Los Angeles and distributed across the NetJets operations network.

Brad Ferrell, executive vice president of Administrative Services. “The biorefinery tackles the dual environmental problems of the global waste crisis and sustainable fuel; and we’re excited to take this step toward improving accessibility to SAF in the aviation industry.”

At full capacity, the biorefinery will convert 1m tons of municipal waste into 30m gallons of SAF annually. Utilising the most effective technologies available, WasteFuel will produce fuels that burn at least 80 % less carbon compared with fossil-fuel based aviation fuels.

WasteFuel’s SAF has a Carbon Intensity (C.I.)  of 0 compared to an average C.I. of 41 for alternative SAFs and a baseline of 89.4 for non-renewable aviation fuel.

Globally, landfills are the third largest source of methane produced by human activity, accounting for approximately 11% of estimated global methane emissions.

“Our waste can be our fuel,” said Trevor Neilson, chairman and CEO of WasteFuel.

“Metro Manila generates around 10,000 tons of garbage per day. A biorefinery that will convert solid waste into SAF will make a big impact in reducing solid waste and ensuing environmental and health hazards, landfill emissions, and fossil fuel use.” said Guillaume Lucci, President, Prime Infra.