Project Speedbird applies for UK Advanced Fuels Fund


British Airways Betterworld Aircraft being fuelled with SAF

Project Speedbird – a consortium of British Airways, LanzaJet and Nova Pangaea Technologies – have applied for a grant from the UK Department for Transport’s Advanced Fuels Fund.

The aim to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from agricultural and wood waste

The project was launched in 2021 and hopes to produce 100m litres of SAF by 2025. British Airways plans to use all of this.

British Airways is involved in four SAF projects including Project Speedbird. . It is working with LanzaJet on two of these . One of these, in Port Talbot, Wales, aims to convert waste and industrial gases into SAF. The other involves capturing carbon dioxide and converting it to SAF.

It is also partnering with  Velocys on the Altalto project to build a municipal waste-to-SAF plant in Immingham, Lincolnshire