Milano Linate first Italian business aviation airport to offer SAF


Milano Linate Prime Airport has started offering ENI Biojet Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The airport is part of the SEA Prime group.

The SAF is produced from waste oils and fats. It is offering as a 20% blend with fossil jet fuel.

“This new milestone for SEA Prime represents an important step towards our decarbonization targets, together with the other concrete measures implemented which include the utilization of electric ramp equipment and investing in sustainable infrastructures such as the new hangar at Linate Prime” said Chiara Dorigotti, Chief Executive Officer at SEA Prime (pictured).

SEA Prime, which runs airports in Italy and Europe, handled more than 32.6 thousand aircraft movements in 2022. This was up 20% on 2021 and 33% on 2019.