Haffner Energy launches SAFNOCA – for renewable gas production


Haffner Energy has launched SAFNOCA, a patented technology for renewable gas production from diversified biomass and organic waste.  An integrated solution, it is said to be capable of unlocking the pathway to mass production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Haffner Energy has 30 years’ experience in renewable energy production, with 40 projects completed.

The company targets production units from 2025, with a capacity of more than  35,000t per year, in line with aviation decarbonisation targets.

Today, civil aviation remains almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels and that decarbonising is a crucial challenge, though more complex than for road mobility.” said Philippe Haffner, chairman and CEO of Haffner Energy. “Through its SAFNOCA solution, Haffner Energy is in a position to make a massive contribution to the decarbonisation of aviation, by providing the missing link in the value chain that will enable the production of competitive, abundant carbon neutral SAF.”

While classified as a thermochemical Fischer-Tropsch process,   the firm claims the differentiating factor is the efficiency of the SAFNOCA process at converting all available biomass residues effectively with no restrictions. This has the benefit of increasing the access to biogenic carbon, while simultaneously securing supply.

Discussions are ongoing with leading industry players including: airlines, technology providers and project developers to deploy SAFNOCA.