Independent SAFc Registry launched on COP28 sidelines


A new independent, not-for-profit sustainable aviation fuel certificate (SAFc) was launched today at the COP28 in UAE to help support major air travel and transport consumers achieving their decarbonisation goals.

The registry was created by clean energy non-profit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), in collaboration with the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA) and digital solutions developer Energy Web.

The registry connects corporate consumers, airlines, freight forwarders, and clean fuel producers in a universally accessible platform.

“The SAFc Registry is the culmination of RMI’s ongoing work to catalyse the SAF market. By creating a throughline from corporate consumers to fuel producers, we can expand investment in SAF infrastructure and increase supply of low-carbon fuels. Voluntary uptake is critical to scaling a burgeoning market, and we hope this registry can serve as an example for other sectors in the future,” said Bryan Fisher, managing director, RMI.

SAF is not yet widely available and carries a significant green price premium. The registry helps address this market gap by connecting corporate demand for emissions reductions to SAF producers through an auditable ledger for certificates which decouples the emissions benefits of SAF use from the physical fuel supply.

“The SAFc Registry stands alone among other registries for being state-of-the-art, purely independent, and non-profit led. It should be the choice for any aviation customer looking to decarbonize their use of aviation,” said Kim Carnahan, head of SABA secretariat.