Singapore mandates SAF usage on airlines from 2026


Singapore announced that all flights departing from the country will have to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from 2026 as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) recently announced it is ‘operationally’ ready for SAF.

Singapore transport minister Chee Hong Tat said that the country aims for a 1% SAF target from 2026 and plans to raise it to 3-5% by 2030, according to a plan announced by the country’s aviation authority.

“The use of SAF is a critical pathway for the decarbonisation of aviation and is expected to contribute around 65% of the carbon emission reduction needed to achieve net zero by 2050,” said CAAS in a statement.

However, aviation stakeholders from both demand and supply camps warn low production and high costs hamper higher SAF adoption and call for increasing investment in production to achieve necessary SAF volumes and price parity.

CAAS plans to implement a SAF levy on passengers to ensure SAF availability at airports. The plan proposes levy based on factors such as distance travelled and travel class.

Neste currently operates a 1m tonnes per annum SAF production facility in Singapore to supply the green jet fuel to Changi Airport.