Norsk e-Fuel, Carbon Centric ink deal for CO2


Norsk e-Fuel announced that it has entered into a partnership with Carbon Centric for a binding supply and offtake for 130,000 tons of CO2 for the production of e-fuels including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at its Alpha plant in Mosjøen in Northern Norway.

“This certainly is a first of a kind agreement in this industry: An e-Fuel producer, enabled through offtake-commitments from the aviation industry, committing to biogenic CO2 volumes exceeding 1m tons. This sends a clear message to the market, there is a viable business for aggregators like Carbon Centric,” said Karl Hauptmeier, CEO, Norsk e-Fuel.

The company said that the terms on pricing mechanisms, timelines, transport modalities, contingency plans, as well as standards and impurities have been agreed on with Carbon Capture.

 “We are thrilled about this groundbreaking agreement with Norsk e-Fuel. The innovative approach and ambitious plans to produce e-fuel align perfectly with our commitment to help the world reach net zero emissions faster and to support the goals set out in the latest EU policies. This exciting partnership is not just about business; it’s about making a real difference,” said Fredrik Häger, CEO, Carbon Centric.

The agreement will help Norsk e-Fuel secure critical feedstock to produce SAF at the Alpha plant.

Under the agreement, Carbon Centric will capture and liquefy CO2 primarily from waste and biomass incineration, and other sources of high biogenic content.

Norwegian Airlines have already signed SAF offtake Norsk e-Fuel has already signed an SAF offtake agreement with Norsk e-Fuel.

Carbon Centric has partnered with multiple small and medium sized firms producing carbon-neutral alternatives to fossil fuels.

Norsk will begin construction on the power-to-liquid Alpha Plant at Mosjøen/Nesbruket in Vefsn Municipality, Norway in 2025 with expected production scheduled to begin in 2026. The plant will have annual production capacity of 50m litres.



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