Monchengladbach Airport announces continuous SAF supply

Oliver Krischer, minister for the environment and transport for North Rhine-Westphalia, refuels a HondaJet with SAF at Monchengladbach Airport.

Germany’s Monchengladbach Airport announced that it has partnered with energy company Total to ensure continuous availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at the airport.

The aircraft will be refuelled by aviation service company Rheinland Air Service (RAS).

SAF provided by Total will be produced from waste and residual materials from the circular economy (e.g. animal fats, used cooking oils) and then mixed with conventional aviation fuel, whereby the SAF content then amounts to 35% and can therefore be used directly in all aircraft engines without any further special approvals.

Oliver Krischer, Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia, initiated the first refuelling of an aircraft with SAF at the airport by pressing a button on the apron refuelling system.

“Air traffic must also become climate-neutral. That is why we are supporting measures and projects that make flying without fossil fuels possible. Electric drives play just as much a role in this as the use of SAF. It is pioneering that Mönchengladbach Airport has now created the possibility of refuelling aircraft with SAF. This is an important step towards making flying more climate-friendly,” said Krischer.

Mönchengladbach Airport is a regional airport located northeast of the city Monchengladbach and west of Dusseldorf.