The SAF Podcast with Sylvain Verdier, Haldor Topsoe



The SAF Podcast with Sylvain Verdier, 

In our latest episode Alasdair sits down with a biofuel podcasting rockstar in Sylvain Verdier, Senior Marketing Manager, Corporate Strategy, Topsoe. Topsoe is a chemical technology company with a long history focusing in producing clean transportation fuels.

Topsoe has entered into technology partnerships across the globe with HIF Global, Phillips 66, SkyNRG, SGP BioEnergy, Global Clean Energy, Brasil Biofuels and Nacero. They have also entered into a joint venture with Sasol to begin refining Sustainable Aviation Fuel themselves, which Sylvain discusses in this episode.

Sylvain and Al also discuss a wide range of issues including Lego bricks, the issues of getting approval and what needs to happen to ensure we meet 2050 emissions targets.


If you would like to find out more about HaldorTopsoe, you can do so here:


Host: Alasdair Whyte, SAF Investor
Producer: Oscar Henderson, SAF Investor



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