The SAF Podcast with Jean Paquin, SAF+ Consortium



The SAF Podcast with Jean Paquin, SAF+ Consortium

The latest episode of the The SAF Podcast had Jean Paquin, CEO, SAF+ have a passionate discussion with Alasdair about the potential of e-fuels for sustainable aviation.

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SAF+ is a Montreal based Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) producer using the Power-to-Liquid process to synthesise SAF from CO2 and hydrogen. SAF+ is part of the The Skies the Limit Challenge started by the Canadian government to set up a pilot plant the demonstrate the production of SAF. Montreal is a great place for an e-SAF facility due to the large availability of hydro-electric renewable power that can be utilised in the production process, one of the key challenges to PtL SAF production. They have a considerable number of offtake agreements already in place, most notably the agreement with the Air France Group penned in August 2023.

Jean and Alasdair discuss where the first SAF+ refinery could be located, the importance of a portfolio approach to stakeholders to ensure that SAF+ has access to the most recent and important industry development and expertise. They also discuss whether Jean wants to be first and the challenges and opportunities that this creates.

You are unlikely to find someone more animated and passionate about the potential the SAF holds in aiding the progress of sustainable aviation.

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Host: Alasdair Whyte, SAF Investor
Producer: Oscar Henderson, SAF Investor