NetJets: Advances on sustainability ‘exciting’


“The last year has seen some really exciting advancements for NetJets in our sustainability efforts,” said Brad Ferrell, executive vice president, Administrative Services, on the anniversary of the firm’s sustainability programme.

NetJets, with more than 750 aircraft, has now invested in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through a deal with WasteFuel. This includes 100m gallons of SAF over the next 10 years.

Also in July, NetJets Europe became the first customer to purchase Air bp’s SAF.

This has meant over 751,000 gallons of SAF have been uplifted by the firm in the last year. There has also been 2.5 million nautical miles flown with SAF and approximately $100,000 in carbon dioxide offset by NetJets admin and training flights.

Ferrell added: “We’re energised to see our peers in the private and commercial sectors making sustainability commitments of their own. In the years to come, NetJets looks forward to being at the forefront of sustainable aviation fuel and other initiatives that will keep our industry at the cutting-edge.”