Victor and AirGO partner on ‘opt-out’ SAF programme


Victor and AirGO have partnered to offer “opt out” sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into the standard pricing structure. The new quotation format promotes the use of SAF and inverts the traditional approach of such schemes by asking buyers if they want to opt-out rather than in. 

The AirGO-Victor initiative applies to all AirGO flights booked via Victors marketplace and will mean the cost of SAF is incorporated into the total price of the charter. The project uses AirGOs SAF Book & Claim model, developed in partnership with CO2 offsetting firm, Compensaid and powered by Lufthansa. The project is due to go live in early 2022.

Daniela Flierl, managing director at AirGO, said: The most common carbon offsetting schemes available today promote afforestation and renewable energy programmes which cancel outor minimise the damage caused by carbon emissions. The issue with these approaches is that they have a delayed impact – and we all know thats not enough.”

Flierl added: “By comparison, the use of SAF results in an immediate reduction in carbon emissions. While of course the industry has a long way to go, this project is a first step towards normalising the need to make sustainable choices when travelling.”

Toby Edwards, co-CEO at Victor, has worked with AirGO for nearly a decade: “Just like Victor, AirGO is passionate about transparency, particularly around disclosing the carbon emissions of each flight. This joint initiative will allow Victor clients to easily compare the fuel-efficient Piaggio Avanti with SAF included in the charter price, side-by-side with other more carbon intensive options, which we hope will drive better decision-making.”


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