SAF for sale at Atlantic Aviation’s LAX FBO


FBO provider, Atlantic Aviation is now offering customers the option to buy sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from its FBO at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The US-based firm said it is hoping to exceed the threshold it set in 2021 when it offset 10.8m lbs of carbon emissions through the supply of SAF from its LAX base. 

Richard Thacker, director of Operational Strategy, Atlantic Aviation, said: “We are excited to announce LAX as the first Atlantic Aviation FBO to offer retail SAF given its location at the epicentre of the entertainment industry and importance as a West Coast destination for our clients.”

The SAF is fully miscible with conventional jet fuel and is expected to account for 8% of the company’s total jet fuel volume at LAX over time.

“We look forward to continuing our commitment to being a national leader in sustainable aviation practices by continuing our work with LAX. We are dedicated to carbon reduction, the implementation of sustainable fuel, and progress toward carbon neutrality more broadly,” added Thacker. 

Elsewhere, in April last year, the Atlantic’s LAX FBO announced that it would replace all of its fossil-based diesel fuel with renewable diesel, which is largely used in ground support equipment. This fuel is derived from fats, vegetable oils, and waste cooking oils and can be used interchangeably with traditional diesel.