Liege Airport ready to supply SAF


Belgium’s Liege Airport is ready to offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) following an audit. It is Europe’s fifth biggest cargo airport.

The SAF can be delivered using the NATO Pipeline System (CEPS) or by truck.

“Liege Airport is proud and excited to confirm, as first Belgian airport, that its aviation fuel installations, as well as its fuelling staff, are ready to receive, store and distribute SAF,” said the airport in a statement. “Throughout the last months, our fuel storage facilities have been audited and our fuel receipt, storage and distribution procedures have been reviewed to accommodate for the arrival of SAF.”

Liege Airport’s announcement follows Brussels Airlines first SAF flight from Brussels Airport yesterday.

The Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) is a multi-product petroleum pipeline that goes through Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg and The Netherlands. It connects directly with 20 military airbases and six commercial airports. The 5,279 Km pipeline connects 36 depots. There are three rail loading stations and 16 truck loading stations. It is connected to 11 refineries and six sea entry points.

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