FBO chain Modern Aviation offers SAF, commits to carbon neutral by 2050


Modern Aviation plans to offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at all its 13 FBOs as part of its bid to become carbon neutral by 2050.

It has started offering SAF at its Sacramento Mather Airport FBO. Titan Aviation Fuels supplies the blended SAF.

“Since we founded the Company in 2018, we’ve continuously focused on implementing industry leading methods to reach our sustainability goals as well as enabling our customers to do the same in the most economical way possible. We began offering our carbon offset program in October 2019 and now we are proud to be committing to become carbon neutral as a Company by 2050,” said Mark Carmen, CEO, Modern Aviation. “Offering SAF to our customers in California, being an early adopter of electric refuelers and providing EV rental vehicles is just the beginning of our efforts to increase our commitment to sustainability.”

Modern Aviation plans to increasing the percentage of SAF in blended fuel over time and launch a SAF book-and-claim system.

Tiger Infrastructure Partners is the major shareholder in Modern Aviation and wants the FBO chain to keep growing in North America and the Caribbean.