Nacero shifts focus to methanol-based SAF with Topsoe


Nacero has shifted the focus of its multi-billion dollar, Texas low carbon gasoline facility to produce methanol-based Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The site, currently under construction, will be one of the largest commercial-scale SAF production facilities in the US and use Topsoe’s MTJet technology to convert methanol feedstock to jet fuel.

The new plant is expected to produce more than 30,000t of methanol per day. According to Houston based Nacero, this will be converted into SAF using renewable energy sources and then processed with the help of the Danish sustainable fuel company Topsoe’s technology.

Bruce Selkirk, CEO and chairman, Nacero said that the decision was driven by the aviation industry’s carbon reduction targets being challenged by current technology and lack of feedstock.

“We recognise the need to address climate change and decarbonise all sectors, yet we believe that we can make the greatest impact by helping to reduce carbon produced from air travel,” said Selkirk. “By transitioning our facilities to SAF, we can make a significant contribution to meeting these goals while offering a product to the aviation industry that is cost competitive to traditional jet fuel.”

With more than five decades of experience in the research and development of methanol synthesis, Topsoe said its methane gas to gasoline processes will support a methanol to jet option too. So Nacero will continue to use the already complete engineering and developments on site from the originally proposed gasoline project, as the facility will need “minimal design modifications”.

Henrik Rasmussen, MD, The Americas, Topsoe said that the firm fully supports Nacero’s decision to shift its focus to SAF production.

We have been working very closely with Nacero’s experienced project team and we are very excited about the opportunity to continue this successful collaboration while building a scalable solution to meet the world’s growing demand for SAF,” said Rasmussen.