LanzaJet and Jet Zero Australia to bring Alcohol to Jet fuel technology to Queensland


LanzaJet has partnered with Jet Zero Australia to build an Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production site in Queensland, Australia. The construction of the plant is expected to begin in 2024, with the facility anticipated to produce up to 100m litres of SAF annually.

The plans for the new manufacturing facility are backed by the Queensland Government, Qantas Group and Airbus as part of the Australian SAF Partnership. The partners will conduct a feasibility study in Queensland to confirm if the project can begin.

Ed Mason, CEO, JetZero said he was pleased to have reached an agreement between Qantas and LanzaJet to complete the feasibility studies “to build Australia’s first ATJ SAF plant”. Mason added that he was impressed with LanzaJet’s Freedom Pines Project in Georgia, US, which is scheduled for completion later this year. “We are excited to work with them to help Australian businesses and government drive real reductions in aviation emissions,” he said.

The sustainable fuels manufacturer’s ATJ technology produces SAF from ethanol made from sugarcane and agricultural byproducts, which can be used without modifications to aircraft or aviation infrastructure.  

“This is an important step forward in Australia,” said Jimmy Samartzis, CEO LanzaJet. “All parties involved in Jet Zero Australia and the Australian SAF Partnership are serious in their commitment to scaling SAF production at the urgency our planet needs.”

LanzaJet said the main goal of the partnership is to grow the supply of SAF for the Australian domestic market. Australian airline, Qantas Group is currently using SAF sourced from overseas, but said it aims to use local SAF to meet its plans of 10% SAF usage by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

“This is a first but significant step towards turning agricultural and sugarcane byproducts into aviation fuel to power flights around Australia,” said Andrew Parker, chief sustainability officer, Qantas Group.

As part of the airline’s $200m commitment to investing in Australian SAF development, Qantas has agreed to jointly invest A$6m alongside Airbus and the Queensland Government into the project.

Julie Kitcher, executive vice president, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Airbus said that investments and partnerships like this are a “priority” for Airbus and vital in ensuring a sustainable future for aviation.

There is a growing positive momentum around SAF, and it is now time to move from commitments to concrete actions,” said Kitcher. “The selection of the first investment under our joint partnership with Qantas is an example of such action, with the potential to deliver SAF locally in Australia.”

The local government is excited about the potential benefits of the project too. Queensland deputy premier, Steven Miles said the project could be a “game-changer for Queensland and the state’s economic future” if it comes to fruition. 

With our rich supply of feedstock, Queensland is in the perfect position to capitalise on the global shift to green jet fuels,” said Miles. “It’s exciting to think Queensland could be producing the millions of litres of SAF needed to power flights across Australia and around the globe, creating more regional jobs in the process.”