Astra Energy partners with Phambili


Astra Energy has partnered with Phambili USA, a US-based subsidiary of Phambili Energy that converts municipal waste into a feedstock for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), in a bid to scale up production.

The partnership aims to combine the two firm’s waste processing resources, using the Phambili conversion unit to further refine waste into feedstocks used in the production of SAF. The two companies will also use Regreen Technologies’ energy pellets (small pellets also made from municipal waste) as fuel in the conversion process.

“Our mutual objective is to process municipal waste and create valuable commodities from it,” said Douglas Hampton, president and CEO, Astra California. “This will create an ongoing revenue stream from each of our global projects and drive value for our shareholders and investors.”

Phambili Energy claims to have developed a formula to deconstruct organic waste material, rubber and plastic into circular economy products. These products are then used as feedstock for biofuels, green chemicals, sustainable fertilizers and renewable energy.

Musa Msimango, CEO of South African parent company, Phambili Energy said that the firms aim to make a significant impact in decreasing carbon emissions with the new partnership and combined resources.

“The synergies between our two groups means that together we can achieve results that no other technology or company on the globe has yet been able to achieve,” said Msimango. “In our ability to process biomass waste in an energy-neutral and carbon-negative manner, we do not doubt that together with Astra California, we will become a global influencer in the green technology industries.”