Vertimass to expand into Europe with acquisition of Ekobenz.


US-based renewable fuels technology company Vertimass will expand into Europe through an agreement to purchase all outstanding shares of Poland- based renewable fuel production company, Ekobenz. This acquisition will include Ekobenz’s 22,500t/year renewable fuel production facility.


The Ekobenz facility will provide the commercial scale platform which Vertimass can use for their Consolidated Alcohol Deoxygenation and Oligomerisation (CADO) process to produce hydrocarbons, of which Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) will be a main product.


“Ekobenz is one of the first advanced biorefineries at a commercial scale in Europe,” said   William A. Shopoff, chairman, Vertimass. “By acquiring this company and plant, we will be able to immediately produce fuel commercially and scale the Vertimass technology to ultimately provide significant volumes of sustainable aviation fuel that help meet the 2035 climate change goals of the EU and US.”


Dr Charles Wyman, president and CEO, Vertimass added:  “This acquisition is an important step for Vertimass technology and will move Vertimass into a commercial arena. Proof of concept on such a significant scale will allow the technology to expand to additional plants in the forthcoming period, both in the EMEA region and the US”


The signing of the final sales and purchase agreement will take place  on  December 31st 2023.