Boeing, Zero Petroleum join hands to increase SAF supply


Boeing and Zero Petroleum have entered in an agreement to test and analyse technologies to accelerate the supply of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

“SAF is our industry’s biggest lever in reducing emissions today and into the future, but we need more of it now to enable those reductions,” said Sheila Remes, vice president of Environmental Sustainability, Boeing. “Working with innovators around the world such as Zero is crucial as we collaborate to develop new, sustainable pathways to produce and scale-up SAF.”

Oxfordshire, UK-based energy company Zero Petroleum utilises technology to produce SAF from air and water via the Power-to-Liquid process.

Under the agreement, Boeing will jointly establish a testing program for Zero Petroleum’s SAF at the University of Sheffield’s Energy Innovation Centre and its SAF research facility.

“We have already developed and tested our 100% drop-in synthetic jet fuel and collaborating with Boeing will now enable us to accelerate the qualification process and put us on course for commercial delivery by 2026,” said Paddy Lowe, CEO of Zero.

Boeing has launched multiple partnerships and investments including an agreement with Masdar, Dubai to support SAF in UAE, collaboration with Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials to explore SAF feedstock opportunities in Ethiopia, South Africa and Brazil to support SAF.

Since 2022, Boeing has purchased 7.6m gallons of SAF for its US commercial airplane operations.