Skellefteå City Airport to purchase SAF for all business flights in 23/24


Sweden’s Skellefteå City Airport announced that it will join the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Corporate Sustainability Program to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all its business flights with SAS during 2023/2024.

“If more companies purchase biofuel for their business trips, it will increase demand and, in turn, accelerate the production and usage of biofuels. Skellefteå Airport is already actively engaged in the aviation industry’s climate transition, so it is natural for us that the employees should fly fossil-free when travel by air. By flying with 100% biofuel on all our business trips with SAS 2023-2024, all fossil aviation fuel is replaced with sustainable aviation fuel. We want to show how easy it is for a company to join and be part of Sweden’s green transition,” says Robert Lindberg, CEO, Skellefteå City Airport.

The SAS Corporate Sustainability Program is an initiative designed to meet customer demand for sustainable aviation fuels, which will reduce the climate impact of air travel and air freight. The SAS program helps corporate customers decarbonize aviation by expanding usage of SAF.

Through the SAS Corporate Sustainability Program, cargo and corporate customers can reduce their Scope 3 emissions from air travel or transport.

“By involving our customers and teaming up with them we will reduce fossil CO2 emissions and enable more large-scale production of SAF. We hope the partnership between Skellefteå City Airport and SAS will inspire other companies to join our Corporate Sustainability Program and be part of the journey to transform aviation for generations to come,” says Ann-Sofie Hörlin, Head of Sustainability, SAS.