Heikki Malinen appointed new President, CEO of Neste


Neste Corporation’s Board of Directors has selected Heikki Malinen as the company’s incoming President and CEO. Malinen, who holds a MSc in Economics and an MBA from Harvard, will assume the role as of November 2nd, 2024.

“Neste is globally recognised as the leader in sustainable fuels and renewable feedstock solutions. The industry is still at the beginning of a decades-long transformative growth era. The growth in sustainable aviation fuels, and in the polymers and chemicals sector, is ahead of us,” says Heikki Malinen, Neste’s new President and CEO.

Malinen is currently serving on the company’s Board of Directors. He will step down from this position before officially taking the helm.

Prior to joining Neste, Malinen served as President and CEO of Outokumpu Corporation since 2020.

“Heikki Malinen has a strong track record in developing and executing differentiated strategies, driving efficiency and leading people through a challenging business environment. He has vast experience globally from several industries, including the process industry,” says Matti Kähkönen, the Chair of the Board of Directors of Neste.

Neste’s current President and CEO Matti Lehmus will continue in his position until Heikki Malinen assumes the duties of the President and CEO. Earlier this week, Neste announced that Lehmus will be stepping down from his position.

Neste’s share prices nosedived in February earlier this year after it posted fourth-quarter operating profit below expectations and forecast a lower 2024 renewable products sales margin.

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