Ampaire tests hybrid electric aircraft with 100% e-SAF


Hybrid electric aircraft systems company Ampaire announced that it has successfully tested 100% ASTM D7566 sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) using its  Eco Caravan hybrid electric aircraft.

The company said that the ground tests using SAF, produced by Dimensional Energy from electricity and carbon dioxide, exceeded expectations, demonstrating a remarkable increase in efficiency compared to traditional aviation fuels.

“The successful ground test using pure SAF from Dimensional Energy marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards sustainable aviation. By showcasing the transformative efficiency gains achievable through hybrid electric propulsion, we are driving the future of eco-friendly air travel. For those already recognising the potential of SAF, its integration into our hybrid electric aircraft enhances its appeal even further,” said Kevin Noertker, CEO, Ampaire.

Ampaire said that its AMP-H570 AMP Drive™ hybrid electric propulsion units are capable of 50-70% reduction in fuel and emissions as compared to conventional Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engines typically found in Cessna Caravan turboprops.

Combining the hybrid electric propulsion with SAF fuel more than doubles the efficiency and drives emissions to near zero.

Meanwhile, Jason Salfi, CEO at Dimensional Energy said that: “Technology providers have to collaborate beyond innovation and into execution. By combining Dimensional Energy e-fuels with Ampaire’s aircraft technology that can reduce the amount of fuels combusted during flight, we quicken the pace up the steep curve of the energy transition and reduce the need for extraction faster.”

Founded in 2016, Ampaire is a developer of electric aircraft. The company has developed a platform of hybrid electric and electric propulsion technologies applicable across numerous aircraft types.