Repsol, Vueling use 50% SAF on a short haul flight


Spanish energy firm Repsol and airline Vueling announced that they successfully completed flight from Barcelona to Malaga a blend of 50% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) alongside conventional jet fuel.

This flight holds significance for being the first in Spain to utilise a blend of 50% SAF.

Repsol, the supplier of the SAF, produces it at their Cartagena biofuel plant, which currently boasts an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons specifically for SAF. They’ve set their sights on a substantial increase, aiming to reach 2.7m tons per year of various renewable fuels including renewable diesel and SAF.

This environmentally friendly alternative fuel boasts the potential to cut CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional jet fuel.

The Barcelona-Malaga flight itself achieved a reduction of 5.59 tons of CO2.

Vueling, a member of the IAG Airline Group, has taken delivery of 1,500 tons of SAF since June 2022 and has set an ambitious target of incorporating SAF into 10% of their fuel mix by the year 2030.

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