Neste announces book-and-claim program


Neste launched Neste Impact, a new program to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint from air travel.

“The urgency for climate action has never been greater, and businesses are increasingly looking for solutions that help them to reduce their aviation related carbon footprint. However, it can be a challenge to find a credible solution, particularly considering the ever-increasing reporting requirements and public demand for transparency,” says Kristina Öström, vice president of marketing, Neste.

“Neste Impact provides an easy to use solution for verified emission reductions, provided by the world’s leading producer of SAF

Neste Impact aligns with the Science Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) gold-standard Aviation Guidance for climate reporting. The program utilises a book and claim approach, ensuring the purchased SAF is demonstrably delivered and used in the aviation sector to replace fossil fuels, adhering to SBTi criteria.

Independent verification and validation through the ISCC SAF credit registry further strengthens the program’s credibility. Companies can confidently report these emission reductions towards their science-based targets or other sustainability goals. Importantly, Neste Impact goes beyond mandated SAF use, providing additional emission reductions for the aviation industry.

Neste Impact goes beyond simply selling SAF. The program helps businesses translate their climate goals into concrete actions for reducing air travel emissions.

Neste works with each company to define measurable targets and then ensures the purchased SAF directly replaces fossil fuels used by partner airlines.

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