Haffner Energy and Hexas Biomass agree SAF partnership


Haffner Energy and Hexas Biomass have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to offer a turnkey solution for green energy, including the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The agreement will see Hexas Biomass provide its assured purpose- grown XanoGrass feedstock for processing using Haffner Energy’s biomass thermolysis technology.

We are thrilled to have signed this partnership, which adds a new dimension to Haffner Energy’s offering,” said Marcella Franchi, senior vice president, North America, Haffner Energy. “This enables us to provide our customers with an integrated solution for the autonomous production of renewable energy.”

The partnership re-affirms both companies’ commitment to help regenerate the planet through innovation and sustainable energy production from purpose-grown biomass, they said.

At Hexas, we believe in the partnership of sustainable energy production and purposefully grown bioenergy crops,” said Wendy Owens, CEO, Hexas Biomass. “These two technologies together will accelerate the move to 100% renewable energy in all industries, capture significant amounts of carbon permanently and revitalise rural communities.”

This agreement builds on the two companies’ existing partnership on a project in Morocco.