Jet Zero Australia, Trovio to establish ‘Book and Claim’ registry


Jet Zero Australia, a biofuels company focused on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production, has partnered with Trovio, a company specializing in environmental data management to establish a “Book and Claim” registry for the Australian SAF market.

This registry will function as a central tracking system for SAF and renewable diesel (RD) throughout the supply chain. It will capture and retain data on the origin and characteristics of these fuels, ensuring they meet the necessary standards for issuing tradable credits.

The system will be powered by Trovio’s CorTenX platform, a technology chosen by the Australian government for a similar purpose. CorTenX is designed for environmental registries and facilitates seamless integration with external systems, ensuring smooth operation and data exchange.

The registry is expected to be operational before the completion of Jet Zero Australia’s first major project, Project Ulysses, located in North Queensland. Project Ulysses focuses on producing SAF to reduce emissions in the aviation industry.