Swedavia allocates SEK40m for SAF incentives


For a fifth consecutive year, airport operator Swedavia extended its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) incentives in the way of offering discounts and reimbursing airlines up to 50% of the premium cost for refuelling with renewable aviation fuel.

The total amount to be distributed within the incentive programme in 2024 is SEK 40m over three application periods.

Earlier in 2023, several airlines, including SAS and Aegean Airlines and the transport and logistics company DHL signed agreements with the airport operator to participate in the incentive programme for SAF for 2023.

“Various aviation actors are helping to accelerate the transition work,” said Charlotte Ljunggren, director of marketing and commercial development, Swedavia.

“We can see this not least through increased interest in the SAF incentive programme, where Swedavia offers discounts to airlines that choose to refuel with renewable aviation fuel. At Swedavia, we are also seeing an increased ambition among our partners as the industry continues to reset and invest in new initiatives in the wake of the pandemic.”

Swedavia’s SAF incentive discount programme has been on offer since 2020 and is an initiative that is complemented by Swedavia being completely fossil-free in its own operations.

Swedavia is a Swedish state-owned company that operates ten of the busiest airports in Sweden such as Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Malmö Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport etc.

Sweden has set SAF blend mandates to increase from 1% by volume in 2021 to 30% in 2030.

Earlier, London’s Heathrow airport also announced that it is planning to extend its carbon cutting scheme for third year in 2024 through a £71m scheme to help halve the price gap between conventional kerosene and SAF for airlines.