Japan Airlines launches corporate SAF program


Japan Airlines launched the JAL Corporate SAF Program to certify environmental value of CO2 reduction achieved through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for corporate customers in Japan.

Under the program, JAL will SAF and track pollution reduction from using the cleaner jet fuel and convert that amount into certificates.

Companies can buy these certificates to show they’re offsetting the pollution caused by their flights. These certificates will be verified by independent experts.

The program helps corporate customers reduce CO2 emissions based on air travel usage for cargo transportation and employee business trips.

Additionally, these certificates can be used for disclosing and calculating CO2 emission reduction information required by TCFD, CDP, and similar organisations.

By joining this program, corporate customers can contribute to sustainable air travel through the promotion and expansion of SAF.

The airline said that it is committed to achieving the target of replacing 1% of total fuel on board with SAF by 2025 and 10% by 2030. Towards, it is working to promote SAF procurement in Japan and overseas, and will further promote the SAF utilisation by collaborating with stakeholders beyond industry boundaries in Japan to manufacture and commercialise domestically produced SAF.

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