Gidara Energy to work with Aker Solutions on waste-to-SAF study for Equinor


Gidara Energy said that it has been selected by Aker Solutions as one of the several suppliers to contribute to the feasibility study for the Equinor Mongstad Industrial Transformation (MIT) project to convert solid waste and refuse derived fuel to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“Gidara Energy’s purpose is to help solve humanity’s waste problem, reduce CO2 emissions and thus combat climate change. We are delighted to be considered as a potential supplier to Aker Solutions and Equinor and to present our HTW® technology,” said Dr. Norbert Kamp, CEO, Gidara Energy.

Gidara Energy will present its High Temperature Wrinkler (HTW) gasification technology as part of the study. The gasification technology can be used to convert solid waste feedstock into a clean syngas.

The process includes the pre-treatment such as drying and storing of waste and raw cleaning and treatment of syngas.

The syngas is then used to produce SAF through a Fischer-Tropsch or, alternatively, a methanol/ethanol-to-jet process.

Gidara’s HTW gasifier is a bubbling fluidised-bed (BFB) reactor that operates in either air or oxygen-blown modes. It is a dry-feed, pressurised, dry ash gasifier.

The technology has the capability to gasify a variety of different feedstocks, including all grades of more reactive low-rank coals with a higher ash softening temperature (i.e., brown coal), and also various forms of biomass; wood, refuse-derived fuel and municipal solid waste have all been commercially applied.

Equinor has awarded the contract to Aker Solutions to carry out a feasibility study for its Mongstad Industrial Transformation project in Vestland county on the west coast of Norway.

The scope includes a new greenfield facility which will be developed to produce blue hydrogen from natural and refinery fuel gas, along with a carbon capture and export solution. It also covers a new facility to produce SAF from municipal solid waste with more than 70% reduced emissions.

As part of the agreement, Aker Solutions will deliver a feasibility study for both new and existing facilities, integrating brownfield, greenfield and third-party technologies to examine options for future operations.