Cemvita reports major breakthrough in Sustainable Oil production


US-based bio solutions company Cemvita said that it has achieved significant technological breakthrough in production of Sustainable Oil which can be used as a feedstock for HEFA sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production.

“We simply do not have enough low-carbon intensity feedstock locally in the US. We import about five billion pounds a year from places as far away as Australia and China to meet demand,” said Moji Karimi, CEO, Cemvita.

“Our biotechnology is delivering on its promise of a sustainable future. The benefits and applications are limitless, from avoiding the environmental impact of deforestation and providing sustainable fuels to food and cosmetic applications. We’ve turned waste into a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.”

Cemvita said that its optimised microorganisms are rich in oil and undergo a series of processing steps for extraction.

Through applied research and innovation in bioprocess technology, the process can result in high-yield extraction of the oil from the 4,000-liter bioreactor the company operates in Houston.

The company said early tests confirm that it’s Sustainable Oil is a drop-in replacement for palm oil in all its use cases. Cemvita’s Sustainable Oil can be converted into SAF in refining.

Sustainable oil-to-SAF production reduces emissions by up to 80% over common jet fuel, with further applications in food, cosmetics, and specialty chemicals.

The company is currently testing its Sustainable Oil to ensure its performance and compatibility with existing aviation infrastructure.

Cemvita is working on bio renewable natural resources to commercialise bio solutions that enable an accelerated energy transition.

United Airlines has signed a multi-year SAF offtake agreement with Cemvita for 1bn litres of SAF.