Azzera to provide carbon offsets for Pratt & Whitney Canada


Business aviation sustainability solutions provider Azerra announced today it has been chosen by engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada to supply carbon credits for their Carbon Offset Service.

Through this collaboration, Azzera will provide a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits vetted through their Azzera Impact Score system to ensure transparency and environmental benefit.

Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Carbon Offset Service is available for all their powered aircraft, including business jets, helicopters, and regional and general aviation planes.

It functions as a flexible add-on to existing maintenance agreements, offering customers a transparent and cost-effective way to offset their carbon footprint.

“Our collaboration with Pratt & Whitney Canada underscores our shared commitment to driving sustainability in the aviation sector,” says Puja Mahajan, CEO and co-founder, Azzera.

“The Azzera Impact Score ensures that the carbon credits provided are both high-quality and have verified and significant environmental impact. Working with customers such as Pratt & Whitney Canada, we are making it easier for aircraft operators to not only offset their emissions but also to understand and quantify the positive environmental impact of their contributions.”

Azzera’s Impact Score will ensure quality assurance system for carbon credit projects, addressing concerns regarding the validity and impact of carbon credits within the voluntary carbon market.

By offering a tangible and auditable metric, the Azzera Impact Score reduces the risk of greenwashing.

“We are committed to providing our customers a seamless way of offsetting aviation carbon emissions,” said Irene Makris, vice president customer service, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

“Through our arrangement with Azzera, we provide our customers with a means to compensate for their aviation emissions and help them ensure the quality of their sustainability investment. We are focusing exclusively on CORSIA-eligible credits, adding an additional layer of due diligence to our Carbon Offset Service.”


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