CAPHENIA, Emerging Fuels Technology join hands to optimise SAF production


German cleantech company CAPHENIA and US-based Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) announced the signing of an agreement to integrate their technologies for the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel.

“This agreement marks a significant step in our mission to make aviation more sustainable,” said Dr. Mark Misselhorn, CEO, CAPHENIA. “The integration of EFT’s highly regarded catalyst and reactor technologies will accelerate market entry for SAF and renewable diesel, providing a rapidly scalable alternative to established SAF technologies.”

Under the cooperation, CAPHENIA will combine its Plasma Boudouard Reactor (PBR) technology with EFT’s Fischer Tropsch.

“Our memorandum of understanding reflects our shared commitment to developing efficient, globally scalable sustainable fuel solutions that will significantly contribute to supplying the global demand for SAF for airlines worldwide,” said Kenneth L. Agee, president, EFT.

The companies said that the combination will improve the efficiency and scalability of SAF production.

As part of the agreement, CAPHENIA will acquire license rights to combine its synthesis gas (syngas) technology with EFT’s technology platform for multiple projects.

CAPHENIA specialises in conversion of (bio)methane (CH4) and CO₂ into syngas to be utilised in production of hydrogen and renewable liquid fuels, especially SAF. The German company has developed power-and-biogas-to-liquid (PBtL) reactor, which requires significantly less electricity than conventional processes and enables a CO2 reduction of up to 92%.