GE Aerospace advances hybrid electric jet engine


GE Aerospace announced that it has made advancements to develop a hybrid electric engine to increase fuel efficiency.

The engine under development can use multitude of energy sources including jet fuel, sustainable aviation fuel and electricity to achieve maximum efficiency.

“Together with NASA, GE Aerospace is doing critical research and development that could help make hybrid electric commercial flight possible,” said Arjan Hegeman, general manager of future of flight technologies, GE Aerospace.

The company said the hybrid electric demonstrator engine with NASA will embed electric motor/generators to supplement power during different phases of operation. This can help optimise engine performance by creating a system that can work with or without energy storage like batteries.

The engine project is part of GE Aerospace’s CFM International Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engines (RISE) programme.

“Unveiled in 2021, the RISE program encompasses a suite of pioneering technologies, including advanced engine architectures like Open Fan, compact core, new combustor designs, and hybrid electric systems to be compatible with 100% SAF,” said the company in its release.

“The CFM RISE program targets more than 20% better fuel efficiency with 20% lower CO2 emissions compared to the most efficient engines in service today,” said the company.

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