Japan’s Kakuyasu to collect used cooking oil for SAF


Proceso de reciclaje de aceite doméstico

Japanese firm Kakuyasu, operating in the alcohol, beverages and food segment, announced initiative to recycle waste cooking oil from households and restaurants for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production.

The initiative will collect waste cooking oil at Kakuyasu sites which will be transferred to Revo International to be converted into SAF.

Revo International is planning to begin commercial operations at its Tokyo metropolitan area site to produce 30,000 kilolitres per year of SAF and biodiesel from domestic UCO from September.

Kakuyasu aims to leverage its existing alcoholic beverages and food products sales network in Tokyo to collect the used oil from June. Kakuyasu currently has delivery presence in all of Tokyo’s 23 wards, outside Tokyo’s 23 wards, Kanagawa, Saitama, and parts of Chiba.

The company said that around 400,000 tons of waste cooking oil is generated annually in the business sector and 100,000 tons per year in the household sector. Local governments have been promoting collection of waste cooking oil from households but faces challenges as the current process requires bringing the waste oil to a collection point.

Kakuyasu, with support from waste consulting firm Ecos, aims to solve this by leveraging its strengths in the delivery service. Kakuyasu operates its own logistics network by selling alcoholic beverages and food products to restaurants and households in Tokyo.

Kakuyasu plans to purchase waste cooking oil in a can or PET bottle container as a resource at the time of delivery of the product (deducted from the order price) or as a resource at the time of purchase at the store (deducted from the purchase price).