Neste completes Porvoo refinery turnaround


Neste Porvoo SAF refinery

Finnish refiner Neste announced that it has successfully completed the turnaround of Porvoo refinery to continue processing crude oil as well as renewables at maximum capacity.

The company’s turnaround began on April 4 with investment of approximately €390m ($424.1m).

“We completed a major maintenance shutdown in a condensed time frame. Neste has moved to a shorter turnaround interval as a result of careful assessment of costs and risks associated with the earlier five-year cycle,” said Markku Korvenranta, executive vice president for oil products, Neste.

Moreover, the company’s senior vice president of refinery and terminal operations head Jori Sahlsten said that: “We completed a large number of regulatory inspections, maintenance works of some 5,000 equipment, as well as asset improvement initiatives at the Porvoo refinery that cannot be done when the refinery is operating.”

Neste’s Porvoo refinery has a total production capacity of approximately 12m tons per annum. Although the site primarily refines crude oil into products, Neste  has been producing renewable products from 100% renewable raw materials in its NEXBTL™ units on Porvoo since 2007.

Neste in December 2023 announced that it has started gradual transformation of its crude oil refinery in Porvoo, Finland into a leading renewable and circular solutions refining hub. The planned transformation will proceed in phases, and requires multiple separate investment decisions during the next decade before targeted completion in the mid 2030s.

The company expects the long-term capacity potential after the transformation to be about 3m tons of renewable and circular products, such as renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel and both renewable and circular feedstock for the polymers and chemicals industry.


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