Cathay, Singapore airlines team up for SAF in Asia-Pacific


Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced a joint agreement to partner on sustainability initiatives with a focus on development and use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Our collaboration with SIA aims to accelerate and support the development of the SAF supply chain in the region, fostering a reliable SAF ecosystem to enable the industry to achieve its long-term decarbonisation goals. Cathay was one of the first airlines in Asia to set a target of 10% SAF for its total fuel consumption by 2030, and we are undertaking a multi-pronged approach to contribute to the aviation industry’s transition towards a greener future,” said Ronald Lam, CEO, Cathay Group.

The two airlines have agreed to jointly advocate for the greater use of SAF in the Asia-Pacific region including investing in initiatives to raise public awareness, policy support and creation of a standard global accounting and reporting framework to ensure the transparency and verifiability of emission reductions from the use of the fuel.

In addition, the airlines have also agreed to explore potential opportunities for joint procurement of SAF at selected locations to boosting SAF production.

“Our partnership with Cathay signifies our mutual ambition to enhance collaboration in sustainability initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Goh Choon Phong, CEO, Singapore Airlines.

Beyond SAF, the two airlines will focus on exchange of best practices to reduce single-use plastics, minimise waste, and improve energy efficiency in ground and cargo operations.