iFuel AG finalises SAF agreement in Middle East


Jet fuel supplier iFuel AG announced that it has signed an agreement with producer to increase the availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the Middle East.

“We have already initiated active cooperation with key market players in the Middle East,” said iFuel AG CEO Rinad El-Rabaa. “Our goal is not only to promote the development of the SAF market and generate sustainable demand from air carriers but also to help lower the cost of SAF for our partners.”

Although the company did not share the volume of SAF purchase, it said that they have been gradually boosting SAF available to its global clientele and strives to broaden its network of direct suppliers.

The fuel supplier said that it is actively working to solidify its position as a leading aviation fuel broker by focusing on increasing the availability of SAF for its clients.

El-Rabaa said that clean fuel will play a key role in decarbonisation of the aviation sector and iFuel wants to play its part. The company said that it wants to ensure that SAF is accessible and competitive for all market participants by utilising its industry experience, established relationships with key players, and reputation.

According to data published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), over 360,000 commercial flights have already used SAF, primarily across more than 70 airports in the United States and Europe.


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