OXCCU, px group to develop SAF demo plant at Humber

The EIA forecasts US SAF production to reach 30,000 barrels per day in 2024 and cross 50,000bpd mark in 2025 if planned facilities begin production on schedule.

University of Oxford climate technology spin out OXCCU and px Group announced plans to setup first-of-a-kind power-to-liquid sustainable aviation fuel demonstration plant at Saltend Chemicals Park in the Humber.

“The strategic combination of OXCCU’s highly efficient novel catalyst and process with px Group’s world leading facilities creates the perfect environment for us to scale-up,” said Andrew Symes, CEO, OXCCU.

The demonstration plant will be fed by biogenic carbon dioxide and green hydrogen.

The plant is expected to produce 160 kilos (200 litres) of liquid fuel per day, of which the majority will be SAF.

The approach directly aligns with the Advanced Fuel Fund’s objective to use carbon dioxide as a carbon source for SAF production due to feedstock concerns at scale with the other biofuel SAF routes.

px Group will provide the engineering design and construction of the Outside Battery Limits (OSBL) support facilities as well as operations and maintenance when the plant is up and running.

The plan is for operations to start in 2026.

“At px Group we are passionate about cutting CO2 emissions and helping the UK to meet its sustainability ambitions. This groundbreaking project with OXCCU further meets this commitment and demonstrates the confidence in Saltend as a pioneering centre for industrial decarbonisation projects,” said Geoff Holmes, CEO, px Group.