World Energy


Neste Rotterdam Refinery

Founded: April 22nd1998
Commercial SAF production started: 2016
2022 production: 100,000 tonnes
2025 production: 500m gallons
2030 production: 1bn gallons

Company structure: Private
Management team: Gene Gebolys
HQ: Boston
Brands: QuestZero|Aviation
Customers: Amazon Air, United, JetBlue, Rolls-Royce, Etihad
Partners: Honeywell UOP, Air Products
Other products: Renewable diesel, green hydrogen

Projects: Paramount, California (active) -Will produce 250 million gallons of SAF annually by 2024; 
Houston (under construction):  250 million gallons of SAF annually by 2024
Processes: Ethanol, Power to engine


Founded on Earth Day in Boston 1998, World Energy has a number of firsts. It was California’s first renewable diesel producer, the world’s first commercial SAF producer; and in 2025 it aims to launch Canada’s first green hydrogen producer.

Its first SAF facility opened in Paramount California in 2016 on an old oil refinery site.

Its says: “Getting real about net-zero aviation, is going to require the mobilization of expertise and resources far beyond anything that has come before,” said Gene Gebolys, CEO, World Energy. “We are pulling together the very best companies in the world with the expertise, experience, commitment, and focus to collaborate on pushing the frontier of what can be done to decarbonize aviation today while building a platform for what needs to be done to decarbonize flight entirely by 2050.  This is an immense undertaking. But it must be done, and it requires that we move with the speed, coordination, and determination befitting the problem we are working to tackle.” 

World Energy has also invested in Valent Corporation which is researching new feedstocks

Production in Houston will nearly double the company’s volume capacity by 2025. Plant located on Houston Ship Channel – deepwater – and directly connected to pipelines going to two international airports. The company already produces other biofuels in Houston.

“Houston is the logical choice for World Energy’s Aviation Zero plant two,” said Gene Gebolys, CEO, World Energy. “Not only does our positioning here provide unparalleled finished product access but provides tremendous access to global feedstocks, emerging sources of low-carbon hydrogen, and even access to captured carbon to advance commercialization of innovative new processes for the production of SAF. We’ve been operating here in various capacities nearly two decades and we recognize why Houston is the beating heart of America’s energy complex.” 


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