Neste Porvoo, Finland


Neste Porvoo SAF refinery

Project: Neste Porvoo, Finland


Feedstock: HEFA – used cooking oils and animal fats
Process: Neste NEXBTL
Location: Kilpilahti industrial area, Porvoo, Finland

Production start: 2016
Annual Production: 100,000 tons/34m gallons

Neste’s largest refinery is in Porvoo, Finland, where it manufacturers both renewable products (SAF, renewable diesel) and fossil fuel (traffic fuels like diesel and gasoline), marine fuels and base oils.

The total refinery – which employees 1000 people – refines 12.5m tons each year – although 10.5m tons are from fossil fuels.

Neste produces 100,000 tons of SAF at Porvoo. In 2023 it will be overtaken by Neste’s facilities in Rotterdam and Singapore which will help the company achieve 1.5 million tons (around 1.875 billion litres) on SAF production each year.

In 2022, Neste started a study on transitioning its refinery in Porvoo, Finland into a renewable and circular solutions site. It plans to stop all fossil fuel refining in the mid-2030s.



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