Diamond Green Diesel, Texas


Diamond Green Diesel

Sponsor: A 50/50 joint venture of Valero Energy Corporation & Darling Ingredients
Feedstock: Used Cooking oils (UCO) and inedible animal fats
Location: Port Arthur, Texas

SAF Production: 2025
2025 Production: 235 million gallons per yea. Approximately half of the total refinery capacity of 470 million gallons annually. 

The expansion of the Port Arthur facility is aimed at making Diamond Green Diesel one of the largest SAF producers globally. 

Darling Ingredients is due to supply to feedstock from its network of processing plants where the inedible meat from butchers, supermarkets, meat processors and other establishments have the fats, used in biofuels, are separated from the proteins. 

This project is a natural extension of our liquid fuels manufacturing expertise and demonstrates our growth strategy through innovation in renewables…Underpinned by strong interest from customers, sustainable aviation fuel provides an economic path to further reduce the carbon intensity of our products while expanding our long-term competitive advantage.“ said Joe Gorder, Valero’s chairman and CEO, in January 2023. 



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