Atmosfair, Germany


Project: Atmosfair

First production: November 2021
Feedstock: water, CO2 (and renewable electricity) 
Process: power-to-liquid 
Location: Werlte/Emsland, northern Germany

Partners: Lufthansa Cargo and Kühne+Nagel have made a joint commitment to support the production plant in Werlte/Emsland in Germany by purchasing the equivalent of 20 tons or 25,000 liters annually.

 November 4, 2021, the climate protection organization Atmosfair inaugurated the world’s first production plant for manufacturing synthetic fuel for aircraft (power-to-liquid = PtL) from water, CO2 and renewable electricity in Werlte/Emsland in northern Germany. The e-fuel is then transported from Emsland to Hamburg, where it is processed into Jet A1 kerosene.

The first customer is the Lufthansa Group, which is thus using completely CO2-neutral kerosene based on electricity for the first time.


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