Grön Fuels, Louisiana


Grön Fuels, Louisiana
Sponsor: Fidelis
Process: Grön Fuels GigaSystem
Feedstock: Waste and others
Location: Port of Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana

SAF production: 2025
2025 production: 1 billion gallons per year (65,000 barrels per day) of SAF, renewable diesel, and other low carbon products
Customer: JetBlue

Fidelis says that vertically integrating three proven decarbonization components to produce carbon negative SAF, the Fidelis-owned high-capacity carbon sink is expected to permanently sequester roughly 5 million tons of biogenic CO2 per year from the facility.

SAF from the Grön Fuels GigaSystem is designed to achieve negative lifecycle carbon intensity by integrating carbon capture & sequestration (CCS) and biomass energy with CCS (BECCS).

Grön Fuels also plans to capture waste process heat to generate power and produce biogas from byproducts.

Bengt Jarlsjo, Fidelis Co-Founder and COO said in 2022, “The aviation industry continues to increase its demand for SAF with JetBlue leading the way. The scale of the Grön Fuels GigaSystem will not only help serve this growing need but our commitment to innovative design enables us to do so in the most efficient manner.” 


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