Vertis Aviation Footprints: all-new programme aims to 100% offset carbon


Vertis Aviation has introduced a carbon offset programme which commits to offsetting 100% of carbon emissions generated by charter flights it arranges. The programme, VA Footprints, ensures that customers on each charter flight, regardless of route or distance, will have the associated greenhouse gas emissions offset at no expense to them. Vertis will pay the carbon credit amount, on behalf of the customer, demonstrating its commitment to a lower carbon aviation future, and the importance it gives to the burgeoning climate crisis.

“We know the aviation industry is committed to reducing its carbon footprint but as concerns about climate change grow private aviation continues to garner attention for the amount of CO2 emissions it generates,” said Catherine Buchanan, COO Vertis Aviation. “We recognise we are part of the problem and want to take a step, albeit small, towards being part of the solution.”

The programme started at the beginning of March and now all arranged charters fall under the same scheme. Vertis is approaching the offset programme in a unique way, varying the organisations it contributes too. “We have decided to choose a different project each month. This gives us the opportunity to make sure the donations are directed towards real issues that correlate to our client movements. For example, we often fly clients in and around South America and know that unimaginable amounts of the rain forest are currently being destroyed, so would select a Brazilian carbon offset project focused on reforestation. Our business has always been client-driven, this is just an extension of that philosophy,” explains Buchanan.

“This is an essential time for the future of the planet, we cannot wait until every aircraft is flying SAF, or being electrically propelled. The problem is clear and present, and we want to do something immediately. We believe the issue is more important than just signing up to a carbon offsetting organisation and that funds should be directed to projects that are making a difference now.”

To support the initiative Vertis Aviation will issue a monthly newsletter detailing the projects receiving funding, the reasons for selection, and the amount of metric tonnes of carbon emissions offset each month will also be issued. The Switzerland-based charter operator has taken inspiration for VA Footprints from fellow industry professionals including Farnborough Airport which operates carbon neutrally and the industry’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel. “These leading companies have motivated us, and we hope that our initiative will stimulate industry colleagues to follow our footprints,” concluded Buchanan.