Neste supplies SAF to Air Canada for flights from San Francisco


Neste is to expand its partnership with Air Canada by supplying an additional 2.5m gallons (9.5m litres or 7,500 tons) of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for blending with conventional fuel to power the airline’s flights from San Francisco International Airport.

Air Canada is adopting a multifaceted approach to addressing climate change and sustainability, said Michael Rousseau, president and CEO, Air Canada. SAF is one of the airline’s core pillars in pursuing its net-zero emission targets. (The carrier first bought Neste’s SAF in February 2022).

“Today’s announced purchase represents a five-fold increase in our SAF procurement year-over-year and is an important step towards our target of 1% fuel to be SAF by 2025 …”, said Rousseau. The agreement supported the airline’s journey to achieve net-zero emissions from all its global operations by 2050, he added. Air Canada has also set mid-term targets for reducing net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 from both its air and ground operations compared with 2019 levels.

Michael Sargeant, vice president Americas, Renewable Aviation, Neste said decarbonising aviation is more important than ever. “Canada’s passage of a clean fuel standard last year demonstrates the strong commitment to achieve net zero by 2050,” said Sargeant.

Neste looked forward to working with Air Canada and other carriers, as the SAF producer boosted its annual SAF production capability to 1.5m tons by the end of this year, he added.