Gidara Energy secures permit for methanol facility in Amsterdam


Gidara Energy has secured an environmental permit for its Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) facility in the Netherlands. The permit allows the Dutch energy firm to build a facility that will convert local waste into methanol to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and other low carbon fuels.

AMA (pictured) is set to be built at BioPark in the Port of Amsterdam. The facility will convert around 360,000 tons of waste into 90,000 tons of renewable methanol every year.

Wim van der Zande, founder, Gidara Energy and company CEO, Dr Norbert Kamp said that after receiving the permit, they are eager to get to work and begin construction.

“This facility is a major step forward in our mission to reduce global carbon emissions and create a more circular economy,” said van der Zande. “We thank the permitting authorities for their diligent and thorough review and look forward to continuing to work with them as we move ahead with the construction of our facility.

Granted by the province of Noord-Holland, the process of obtaining the permit followed an assessment of the plant’s potential environmental impacts on the local area and a review of its proposed design by the Port of Amsterdam and local government.

“The Port of Amsterdam facilitates companies that promote circular activities and the energy transition,” said Roon van Maanen, Head of Energy & Circular Industry, the Port of Amsterdam. “Gidara’s plant, which transforms waste into methanol, is a stellar example that will fit seamlessly into our port’s sustainability goals. We look forward to the moment they break ground.”