Twelve and Emerging Fuels Technology to scale up SAF production


Twelve and Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) have signed a master license agreement to support the carbon transformation company’s scaleup of its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production capabilities.

In partnership with EFT, Twelve produces its E-Jet fuel using its carbon conversion technology, which uses renewable energy to convert CO2 and water into feedstocks for SAF.

“After already proving that our technologies can come together to produce SAF, we now have the opportunity, with Twelve, to see the fully integrated commercial-scale e-fuel platform deployed,” said Kenneth Agee, president, EFT. “This is an excellent demonstration of how EFT’s technology can be utilized, and we look forward to the continued collaboration with Twelve that addresses the rising and urgent global demand for SAF.”

Nicholas Flanders, co-Founder and CEO, Twelve, added that EFT’s modular Fischer-Tropsch systems are highly compatible with Twelve’s carbon transformation technology, which can be scaled to any need.

We’re excited to continue our work with Emerging Fuels Technology and use our partnership to support Twelve’s scaleup to meet customer demand for E-Jet fuel and other CO2Made products,” he said.

Last year, Shopify announced the first purchase of E-Jet fuel through the company’s Sustainability Fund. Twelve, Alaska Airlines and Microsoft  also announced a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on advancing the SAF market last year too. The MoU focused on fuels derived from recaptured CO2 and renewable energy.