India completes first commercial SAF flight using Gevo technology


India has completed its first commercial passenger flight using domestically produced Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

AirAsia India flight i5-767 was a collaborative effort between the airline, the Indian Government, Praj Industries and Indian Oil Corporation using Gevo’s Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) technology to produce the fuel.

Patrick Gruber, CEO, Gevo emphasised that there had been unwavering support and guidance from India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, who are also working to develop indigenous solutions to accelerate the adoption of SAF in India.

This historic achievement for the country of India of flying with carbohydrate-based alcohol-to-jet SAF showcases the incredible potential of utilising locally sourced feedstock,” said Gruber. “It highlights the critical role of the farming community in India’s journey towards energy independence and sustainable growth.”

The AirAsia India flight completed the journey between Pune and New Delhi, India using fuel produced by Pune-based Praj Industries at its Praj Matrix facility. It was then tested by Indian Oil Corporation before being blended for the flight.

Meanwhile, Gevo has reported revenue of $4.1m for its 2023 first quarter (Q1), a 2050% increase from the same period last year in its latest financial results.